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Does the history of psychology have a future?

The articles are listed below in the order in which they were published:

Danziger, K. (1994). Does the history of Psychology have a future?  Theory & Psychology, 4, 467-484. [pdf]

Rappard van, F. J. H. (1997). History of psychology turned inside(r) out: A comment on Danziger. Theory & Psychology, 7, 101-105. [pdf]

Danziger, K. (1997). The future of psychology is not its past: A reply to Rappard. Theory & Psychology, 7, 107-112. [pdf]

Dehue, T. (1998). Community historians and the dilemna of rigor vs. relevance: A comment on Danziger and van Rappard. Theory & Psychology, 8, 653-661. [pdf]

Rappard van, F. J. H. (1998). Towards household history: A reply to Dehue. Theory & Psychology, 8, 663-667. [pdf]

Danziger, K. (1998). On historical scholarship: A reply to Dehue. Theory & Psychology, 8, 669-671. [pdf]