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Kurt Danziger

Adrian Brock
Adrian C. Brock

Two Interviews with Kurt Danziger

Adrian C. Brock

The first of these interviews took place in Kurt Danziger's office at York University on 29 August 1994. The occasion for the interview was Danziger’s impending retirement from full-time teaching in the autumn/fall of 1994. I was only a few weeks away from completing a PhD dissertation under Danziger’s supervision at the time. The photographs here were used to accompany the interview. The interview was published in the History & Philosophy of Psychology Bulletin (1995, 7, 10-22). Abridged versions were also published in Psychologie & Maatschappij and the Cheiron Newsletter.

"An interview with Kurt Danziger" (1994) [html] [pdf]. A scanned copy of the article in the History & Philosophy of Psychology Bulletin is also available in pdf.

The second interview was conducted in two sessions in Kurt Danziger's home on 12 and 14 August 2003. I had been a lecturer at University College Dublin for several years at the time and was visiting Toronto to attend the meeting of the American Psychological Association. Some people may wonder why a second interview was thought necessary. First of all, there was a gap of nine years between the two interviews and Danziger had published a considerable amount during that time; including his book, Naming the Mind (1997). More importantly, he had always thought that the first interview was focussed too much on him as a person and not enough on his work The main aim of the second interview was to put this situation right. It was originally published in History of Psychology (2006, 9, 1-16).

"Rediscovering the history of psychology: Interview with Kurt Danziger" (2003) [html] [pdf]. An electronic copy of the journal article is also available in pdf.